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The basic way to listening to Radio Rainbow Int. is use of good shortwave radio capable to receive 48m and 76m bands. If possible add a long antenna of 9 meters or more to it, and you should get RRI every day in Europe, or sometimes outside europe all over the world. sound quality depending on conditions in atmosphere.

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We heard a story about a man who died on the operation table (and later brought back to life) who went out of his body and could describe the building and things  in other rooms,  he went on to the light and was welcome by a great  'loving' light and a great feeling,  relived his life through the emotions of others also,  and talked about it with that light. He had been a british soldier and shoot germans. At the time he hated them.Many wounded prisoners of war were brought into his camp. One of them , a german soldier was badly wounded and asked him for a sigaret. He gave him one and helped him a bit.  The 'light' asked him again and again why did you do that?  That seems to be important. Helping other people , also ones who are 'enemy's."Not lose that. Another person had the same experience and came back to life and changed his life dramaticly. He had felt the pain he caused other people, he had been a soldier in foreign countries,  and he told everyone that now he knew that every person of this planet has got he same value! Every color or culture should be respected and so he did. He started to make contacts with ' other' people and became much less materialistic. Know he knew the purpose of this life; To love,  respect, be of good will. Knew he could change the world only by thinking this way.

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Radio Rainbow International la Voix de la Paix, transmet sur différentes fréquences dans la bande des 48 et 76 mètres. SVP aidez-nous à promouvoir la Paix, et à un meilleur environnement, utilisé notre matériel de promotion que vous trouvez ici, vous pouvez le mettre sur votre site et le donner à d'autres Médias. Il faut penser de parlementer avant de faire la Guerre. Soyez quelqu'un de bienveillant. Cette vie n'est qu'un passage, un test.

Radio Rainbow Internacional, La Veu De La Pau, emetent en diferents frequències de les bandes de 48 i 76 metres. Sisplau ajudeu-nos a promoure la pau, i a millorar el medi ambient. Utilitzeu el material de propaganda que trobareu aquí, per a la vostra pàgina web i per d'altres mitjans. Penseu primer abans de fer la guerra. Parleu, enraoneu, en primer lloc. Penseu-hi. Sigueu persones de bona voluntat. La vida es curta, només estem de pas. Sigueu benevolents

Radio Rainbow International, fredens röst, sänder på åtskilliga frekvenser . Hjälp oss förespråka fred och en bättre miljö genom att använda vårt informationsmaterial som finns tillgängligt här på din egen site och i andra media. Tänk innan du startar krig. Prata först. Tänk. Var en positiv person. Detta liv är en test. Bli en positiv person.

Radio Rainbow International voce della pace
, trasmette su varie frequenze nella bande dei 48 e 76metri. Vi preghiamo di aiutarci a promuovere la pace ed un migliore sviluppo, utilizzando i nostri materiali promozionali qui presenti nel vostro sito e negli altri media. Pensate prima di fare la guerra. Parlate prima. Siate persone di buona volontà. Questa vita è un test. Siate persone di buona volontà!

Radio Rainbow International, Rauhan Ääni, lähettää useilla taajuuksilla 48:n ja 76:n metrin. Auta meitä puhumaan rauhan ja paremman ympäristön puolesta. Voit käyttää täällä olevaa materiaalia omilla sivuillasi ja muissa medioissa. Ajattele ennenkuin aloitat sodan. Keskustele ensin. Ajattele. Elämä on kokeilu. Ole yksi hyvätahtoisista.


Radio Rainbow International de stem van de vrede, nu te beluisteren op verschillende frequenties in de 48 en 76 meter band. Help ons AUB de vrede de bevorderen voor een betere leefomgeving. Gebruik ons promotiemateriaal hier voor uw webside of andere media. Eerst goed nadenken vooralleer oorlog te voeren. Eerst praten. Nadenken. Iemand van goede wil zijn. Dit leven is een test. Iemand van goede wil zijn!


Radio Rainbow International η φωνή της Ειρήνης. Εκπέμπει από διάφορες συχνότητες στους 48 και 76 κύκλους. Παρακαλούμε να μας βοηθήσετε να προβάλλουμε την Ειρήνη και την αγάπη για το περιβάλλον, χρησιμοποιώντας το υλικό που υπάρχει εδώ, στην ιστοσελίδα σας και άλλα μέσα ενημέρωσης. Σκεφτείτε πριν πολεμήσετε. Συζητήστε πρώτα. Σκεφτείτε. Έχετε καλοσύνη. Η ζωή είναι δοκιμασία. Έχετε καλοσύνη!


Radio Rainbow International, Glos Pokoju, wykorzystuje okresowo czestotliwosci z zakresu 48 i 76 metrow. Pomoz na promowac pokoj oraz lepsze srodowisko naturalne. Uzywaj naszych materialow na swojej stronie internetowej i w innych okolicznosciach.

Zanim rozpoczniesz wojne - pomysl. Porozmawiaj wczesniej. Badz kims z dobra wola. Nasze zycie to test...




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Radio Rainbow International is the only station in the world which stimulates peace and positive thoughts. It has been proven; People have got souls. There is scientific proof now!

On 28th of July, 1976, at 3:42 in the early hours of the morning, the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century and the third greatest in recorded history, took place in Tangshan, China. Approximately one fifth of the city perished in the calamity, and thousands were rescued from the arms of the death.

A sociological survey was performed with people that were brought back from a state of near-death to find out what they experienced at the most critical moment of their lives.

Surprisingly, many responded that on the threshold of death, they did not feel any pain or regret, but experienced a kind of excitement, as if they had been liberated from their physical bodies. Some said that they had seen a tunnel of light and some reported seeing other beings.

It is likely that many people are familiar with these kinds of stories, known by experts as Near Death Experiences (NDEs).

The existence of NDEs raises a dilemma, as modern science holds that the mind is a product of neuro-chemical reactions, rather than an entity independent of the brain able to separate at times such as death. Scientists have diverse positions with regard to the existence of the soul as an individual entity.

One study by a medical doctor, Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachussets was made in 1907. MacDougall worked with 6 patients in a critical state, which he weighed at the moment immediately before death, and then directly after.

The results, published in contemporary medical journals, were that the patients lost an average of 21 grams at the precise moment of death. Dr MacDougall reached the conclusion that this was the weight of the human soul.

Nowadays this study is counted as nothing more than an anecdote in scientific circles, since detractors say that measurement errors, caused by several factors, could have been committed. However, so far no one has repeated the experiment, either to confirm or refute it.

The "reductionist" point of view is sceptical of the existence of independent consciousness. Scientist Francis Crick—awarded the Nobel prise along with American James Watson in 1962 for discovering the double-helix structure of DNA—is probably the most well-known contemporary representative for this viewpoint.

Professor Crick affirmed in a study carried out over several years that: "our minds—the behaviour of our brains—can be explained by the interactions of nerve cells (and other cells) and the molecules associated with them."

However, some scientists argue Professor Crick is clinging to an extreme viewpoint. "It is like saying that the cathedral is a pile of stones and glass. It is true, but too simplistic and it misses the point," says Michael Reiss, professor at the University of London who is both a priest and scientist.

The most complete study on NDEs to date was made by Pim van Lommel and a team of Dutch doctors on 344 patients from ten hospitals, who had been resuscitated after a cardiac arrest.

The study, reported in Lancet in 2001, found that 62 of the patients (18 percent) had some recollection of a near-death experience, while 41 of these described experiencing a "deep" or "very deep" experience.

Half of those who reported having an NDE said they were aware of being dead, while 56 per cent said they experienced positive emotions. Fifteen people (24 per cent) reported having an out-of-body experience, knew where their stuff was in other rooms, could describe every details which could be checked by objective a doctors, while 31 per cent experienced moving through a tunnel. Eighteen said they saw a "celestial landscape". A third said they met with dead relatives and eight said they saw their life reviewed.

Professor Van Lommel says it puts to question, "the concept thus far assumed but never scientifically proven, that consciousness and memories are localized in the brain."

He asks: "How could a clear consciousness outside one's body be experienced at the moment that the brain no longer functions during a period of clinical death with flat EEG? Furthermore, blind people have described (perceptions that agree with reality) during out-of-body experiences at the time of this experience."

Professor Van Lommel says near-death experiences push at the limits of medical ideas about the range of human consciousness and the mind-brain relation.

While the subject will likely remain a contentious issue in scientific circles, further studies may be warranted to probe the eternal question—of whether there is life after death.

Those people relived their life in emotions of theirselves and others, and were being judged! After comming back to this life they re aranged their lives, less money, less work, more helping other people, give love, make a good environment, stopped killing people etc. This life is a test. Make the right choices. Love everyone, treasure every human being no matter the color of skin or culture. Be positive. Enjoy the good things in life. A part of paradise is here ! Face problems like this; problems are useful. Keep your trust. make the right choices. Earn a good eternal afterlife.

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Radio Rainbow International, the voice of peace.